Non-Toxic Silicone Enema Bag DIY Kit

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✅ FOR ALL TYPES – This Enema kit is great for retention, cleansing, coffee, Gerson therapy, general colon cleaning, and it can also be used as a feminine douche.
✅ PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS – Everything that is in the kit is made out of the best quality and non-toxic materials. Our open top enema bag is BPA & Phthalates free medical-grade odorless silicone.
✅ 3 NOZZLES – As a bonus we are offering 2 soft and flexible tips and 1 hard tips.
✅ EASY TO USE – We provide you with 6 feet long and flexible 100% medical-grade silicone tubing for an easy and relaxing experience.

Fully Transparent And Versatile: Clear silicone for total visibility of liquid. Long 6 feet tubing (which can be cut and shortened if preferred) and strong clamp. Open fountain top to allow for easy cleaning. This enema cleansing and detox kit is ideal for travel and can be used for water and/or coffee enemas in or out of the shower.

Discreet Storage Bag: Drawstring storage bag for storing your colonic irrigation kit. Whether at home or travelling, avoid any unnecessary conversations about doing an enema or douche.

Extra Tips For Comfort: Along with the 2 quart (64 oz or 8 cups) clear silicone coffee and water enema bag, you will receive a bonus colonic irrigation nozzle as well as 2 soft, flexible, slimline tips for pain-free insertion.

Legal Disclaimer
AlivioCare Health Co. cannot control the use and the effects of use of this enema kit; assume no responsibility for any unintended or unauthorized applications of this enema kit; and make no warranties, express or implied, as to usability after improper storage; they cannot be held liable for any direct or consequential damages beyond the purchase price. AlivioCare Health Co. recommends seeking advice from a medical professional before use.


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